Visiting Japanese Garden with Gravels

There are many temples and shrines in Yamanashi perhaps partly because it was governed by a powerful feudal lord Shingen Takeda.  The architecture of those old monuments is worth visiting but apart from the architecture, there are beautiful Japanese gardens.

Japanese Garden in Erin-ji Temple

Erin-ji Temple in Koshu City, Yamanashi was a home temple for Takeda clan.  It was opened in 1330 long before Takeda clan became powerful.  Japanese garden of this temple was created by a monk Muso.  He is famous for his another Japanese Garden in Moss Temple or Saiho-ji Temple in Kyoto.

Saiho-ji Temple in Kyoto by
 Beside this garden by Muso, the temple has another garden.  Unfortunately I could not check whether it was also designed by Muso or someone else.  This garden depicts a pond and streams by gravels which is one of the typical styles of Japanese gardens.

Japanese Garden in Erin-ji Temple

For More Information on Erin-ji Temple

Address: 2280 Enzanoyashiki, Koshu, Yamanashi

Opening Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Admission: ¥300 for adults and ¥100 for students.  (Treasure House of the temple requires additional fee.)

Access: 20-min taxi ride from Enzan Station of JR Central Line


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