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Viewing Mt. Fuji from Other Mountains – Asahidake Mountain and Mt. Kimpu

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and we think it’s the most beautiful.  During summer time, many travellers including oversea visitors go climb Mt. Fuji.  It is not so easy to climb this 3,776 meter-high mountain as sometimes people may suffer from altitude disease.  So those who are not accustomed to climb difficult ones, viewing Mt. Fuji from other mountains nearby is easier.  You should never forget that you cannot admire Mt. Fuji when you climb Mt. Fuji.

Starting from the Foot of Otarumi Toge Hill

In late August, just before the Fire Festival of Mt. Fuji, I climbed Asahidake Mountain and Mt. Kimpu in Yamanashi Prefecture.  We started climbing from the foot of Otarumi Toge Hill, where we saw a cloud sea.

Passing Asahidake Mountain

I was supposed to climb Asahidake Mountain before reaching to Mt. Kimpu but I failed to recognise the peak of Asahidake (2,579m).  It seems there is no sign at the top of it.  Any way, on the way, there were several viewpoints and we could clearly see Mt. Fuji.

There is a large rock mountain called “Gojo Iwa” near the top of Mt. Kimpu.  The rocks of Gojo Iwa can be seen from a far distance.

A view from the scree near the peak of Asahidake Mountain

In the above photo, Gojo Iwa stands on the slope on right.  The mountains far away are Yatsugatake Mountains.  The highest one in the middle is Akadake (2,899m).


Arriving at Mt. Kimpu

Mt. Kimpu is 2,599 meter high.  (Sometimes, it is written as “Kinpu” in alphabet.)  The trail becomes full of rocks near the top of the mountain.  At the top, there was a superb panorama view.  We were really lucky as the weather was so nice.

Plants and Insects

We started at around 6:00am, arrived at the top of Kimpu at 9:00am and came down at the starting point at noon.  Our pace was, I think, quite slow.  On our way back, I found an interesting insect whose name I don’t know and funny and cute mushrooms.

You can climb and come down in about 6 hours so Asahidake and Mt. Kimpu are convenient mountains you can easily visit.  However, the public transportation is not very good to go to the starting point of Otarumi Toge Hill.  If you can, it’s better to drive.

Here is some information in English.  If you like mountain climbing, why not try Mt. Kimpu?

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