Sunflower Field in Yamanashi

I tried to change my site from to a rental server but could not succeed at that time. I hope this time I can manage.  The first posting in this new site is the Sunflower Field in Yamanashi Prefecture.Here is the photos of Akeno-cho Sunflower Field.  When I visited there, it was completely green but it will soon become full of yellow.

Sunflower field is still green but will turn into yellow soon.

There was another field where the flowers were full in bloom.

Sunflower Field in Akeno-cho, Yamanashi

The Sunflower Festival is held here annually during mid July and mid August.  There is Yamanashi Flower Centre across the street from the sunflower field.  The best way to visit the flower field is to rent a car.  Akeno-cho is in Hokuto City which is a gateway to the Yatsugatake Mountains.

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