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Strolling along the Plants Market in Asakusa

One of the largest plants markets is held in Asakusa every year at the last weekend of May and June.  Japanese people love growing plants since the old times.  People go to plants markets and buy a flower pot or two.  Sometimes they are bonsai pots.  If you visit Asakusa at the time of Plants Market, you can feel the atmosphere which Japanese people of old time enjoyed.

It is a street market temporary set up only twice a year in May and June.

They call it “the Plants Market of Ofuji-san“.  Fuji-San means Mt. Fuji and there is Sengen Jinja Shrine nearby which worships Mt. Fuji.  So the plants market is maybe dedicated to the shrine.  I thought so because the end of June is a special day for this shrine.  Every year on 30 June, people celebrate the opening of Mt. Fuji.  Well, of course Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan which is on the border of Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures.  But they also hold an opening ceremony of Mt. Fuji in Sengen Jinja because they have a small “Mt. Fuji” inside the shrine.

Mt. Fuji in Sengen Jinja Shrine of Asakusa

The rocks of this small mountain is said to be brought from real Mt. Fuji.  Anyway, on 30 June and 1st July, the day to celebrate the opening of Mt. Fuji, the shrine sells a special charm.  It is called a straw snake because I think the rope made of straw has a shape similar to a snake.  This is a symbol of good luck.

Special Charm of Sengen Jinja Shrine only sold at the opening day of Mt. Fuji

And outside of the shrine, there is Plant Market where lots of tents of plants merchants stand along the street.  They have various kinds of plants from small plants like Bonsai to larger flower pots and even fruits trees.  I know it is very difficult to grow Bonsai plants but looking at these pretty plants, it becomes difficult not to buy one.  But yes, the soil of the pots easily becomes dry and plants may wither so be careful!

Information on Plants Market in Asakusa

Address: (Sengen Jinja Shrine) 3-2, Asakusa 5-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo
The Market is held on the Yanagi Street near from Sengen Jinja Shrine.

Date of the Market: the last weekends of May and June

Types of your trip: Walking and biking

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