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Viewing Tokyo from Roppongi Hills

Viewing Tokyo from Roppongi Hills is marvelous.  You can enjoy a stunning view from the top of Mori Tower there.

Roppongi has a lot to offer from shopping complexes of Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown to museums, from a wide variety of restaurants to hip clubs and bars where oversea visitors gather.  So there will be a lot of opportunities to go to this energetic area.  And if you have a chance to visit Roppongi, go up to 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills to have a great view of Tokyo.  There are two observation decks in Roppongi Hills.  One is Tokyo City View on 52nd floor.

If you buy a ticket of Mori Museum which is also on the 52nd floor, you can go to Tokyo City View and have a magnificient view of Tokyo.  A museum ticket costs ¥1,800 for adult.  And if you pay additional ¥500, you can go up to the Sky Deck where you can go outside and enjoy viewing Tokyo.

Tokyo City View

Let me show you what you can see at Tokyo City View.

There are many greener cities in the world but still, viewing Tokyo can assure you that Tokyo has many greens.

Yoyogi Park and Olympic Stadium

Yoyogi Park with National Stadium for Olympics under construction

For example, a large patch of green extending in the back is Yoyogi Park.  Just in front of Yoyogi Park, you may notice a stadium under construction with several cranes stretching out to the air.  That is National Stadium for Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

And on the right of Olympic Stadium, there is a western-style brick building.  That is Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery.  It was built in 1926 and the gallery has a collection of paintings described the historical incidents during Meiji Era of late 19th century and early 20th century.


State Guest House

State Guest House in the Centre of Green AreaState Guest House

Next, I found State Guest House also known as Akasaka Palace in the middle of the green.  The green area is the property of Royal Family.  The Guest House was built in 1909 as a residence of the Crown Prince and was turned into a guest house in 1974.  It is open to the public when there is no state visit or official events.







Aoyama Cemetery

Shinjuku Skyscrapers in the far end with the green of Yoyogi Park in the far right and another green of Aoyama Cemetery in front.

You cannot miss a large green area in front.  That is Aoyama Cemetery.  This is a cemetery where there are many tombs of politicians including former prime ministers, famous academics, Kabuki players, actors, writers, and so on.  This is one of the famous viewing spots of cherry blossoms, too.






Temple Town House

Temple Town House – the residences of the members of US EmberssyTemple Town Houses

I found an interesting-looking group of cubic buildings.  I googled and learned that these are called Temple Town Houses and they are the residences for the members of US embassy in Tokyo.

Since usually the access to Temple Town Houses is limited, you can only view from the high above.







Viewing Tokyo at Night

Tokyo City View opens late at night until 11pm.  And viewing Tokyo at night gives you totally different impression of Tokyo.

The ticket of Tokyo City View is combined with an exhibition ticket of Mori Museum.  So check out what they have now at the museum.

More Info on Tokyo City View

Address: 10-1 Roppongi 6-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Mori Tower 52nd Floor, Roppongi Hills

Opening hrs: 10am – 11pm (open until 1am on Fri.&Sat. and the day before holidays)

Admission: ¥1,800 for adults, ¥1,200 for senior high & college students, ¥600 for kids of 4 years old and older, ¥1,500 for adults of 65 years old and older

URL: https://art-view.roppongihills.com/en/info/index.html

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