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Making a One-and-Only Notebook in the World

When I went to Kuramae last time, I saw a stationery shop called Kakimori.  This is a very unique shop where you can make your own one-and-only notebook.  There are two sizes you can choose from; B5 (182x257mm) and B6 (128x182mm).

You Can Make Your Own Notebook

You can also choose the front and back covers of the notebooks.  Rings of the notebooks have several colours.  You can bind your notebooks with a rubber band but you can also use a button.  And they have many kinds of notepads.  There are plain papers, graph papers, lined papers, etc. and they have many different types of papers from craft papers to drawing papers.

They have English instructions, too.

The instructions how to make a notebook.  If you choose the covers, papers, binding, etc. they will make your one-and-only notebook based on your recipe.  Depending on the number of people making notebooks, I think you will wait for about 20 – 40 minutes.


Here Are Our Notebooks!

It was about ¥1,800 but if you put fewer papers inside, it costs less.  If you want something luxurious, you can choose a leather cover with your name printed on it.

After you use up all the paper pads inside, you can bring the notebook and replace the note pads.  If you are in Japan, they will get your order online – you can send your notebook and they will remake it for you.

There might be some waiting time but actually it does not matter.  There are so many interesting stationery that you will forget the time.


Paradise for Stationery Freaks

I bought a pen and a bottle of ink.  It was fascinating to see all those different colours of ink.

Many different ink colours

The pen I bought is also unique.  It does not come with ink in it.  You should put ink into the pen by yourself by pumping up the ink from the ink bottle.  It’s like a fountain pen.

A pen and an ink bottle

They have sample papers for all the types they sell and you can scrabble on them to get a feel for the pen.  And of course, you can try different types of pen head.


Info on Kakimori

Address: 6-2 Misuji 1-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Opening Hours: 11am – 7pm (closed on Mondays)

Access: 8-minute walk from Kuramae Station of Toei Asakusa Line

URL: http://kakimori.com/english

Walking or Biking: good for walking / good for biking
If you are not very tired, it is walkable from Asakusa area.  There are many cafes around Kuramae as well as crafts shop and other miscellaneous shops you may find interesting.

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