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Strolling About the Autumn Festivals

September is the season for autumn festivals.  Every weekend, the festivals are held somewhere in Japan.  It is the festival to appreciate the crop.  Almost every town in Japan participates in the autumn festivals of the region.  Typically, people carry portable shrines and offer the pray at the shrine.  Along the street in front of the shrine, there are food stalls.  So kids always have fun at the festivals.   Well, not only kids, but adults also enjoy participating in autumn festivals.

Almost always the festival scenes have the same kind of stalls.  Everyone’s favourite is the food stall of Yakisoba noodles but Okonomiyaki pancakes or Takoyaki, the octopus balls is also popular.  There are game stalls, too.  Some stalls sell colour balls, figures or even goldfish floating in the water.  You pick them up using paper scoopers.

Each region has its own unique festival so check up the website.  Here are some examples.

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  2. Sartenada says:


    Very interesting post with lovely photos. Thank You.

    Have a good day!

    1. WBJ says:

      Hi, Sartenada! Thank you for your comment. Have a nice weekend!

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