Walking in the Autumn Gorge

There are many places in Japan you can enjoy walking during autumn.  I took a one day trip to Yamanashi Prefecture and had a good walk in the autumn gorge called Nishizawa Keikoku Gorge.

It is about 60-minute bus ride from Yamanashi City Station.  If you have a car or rent a car, I recommend you to start early in the morning, finish around noon, take a hot spring after you come back to the foot of the mountain and then go back home.  It is a convenient hiking course from Tokyo.

Autumn Gorge in Yamanashi

I went there in early November.  It was slightly after the peak time of the autumn leaves but still, it was pleasant to walk in the autumn trail.

The trail is along the river and there are several water falls.  The landscape of the autumn gorge is magnificent.  I am afraid the photos cannot describe the beauty to the full extent.

The mountains nearby was also covered by autumn leaves.


Traditional Japanese House Decorated with Persimmons

On our way back to Tokyo, we stopped by an old traditional Japanese house, former Takano House, known as Kanzo Yashiki or Licorice House.  It has such a name perhaps because there are many kinds of herbs in the garden.

Can you see small orange things in front of the house?  They are persimmons.  They peel the fruits and hung them in the air so that they become dried fruits.  The orange colour is so nice.

I was quite surprised to find the description about the dried persimmons in Wikipedia.

By Hyeon-Jeong Sukhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/127584241@N02/15584181578/, CC BY 2.0, Link

This used to be a typical scene in autumn days in a countryside.  Unfortunately, the number of houses who make dried persimmons decreased recently.  It’s a good old Japanese food culture that we want to preserve.


For More Information

<Nishizawa Gorge>


By bus: 60 minutes by a city bus from Yamanashishi Station, JR Chuo Main Line. Get off at the Nishizawa-keikoku stop.
Bu taxi: 30 minutes from Yamanashishi Station, JR Chuo Main Line.
By car: 50 minutes from Katsunuma IC, Chuo Expressway.
There are 4 buses a day to and from the station. Please confirm beforehand.

URL: https://www.yamanashi-kankou.jp/foreign/english/spot/p1_4789.html


<Kanzo House (Former Takano House)>

Address: 1651-15 Enzankamiozo, Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Opening Hours: 9am – 4:30pm

Admission: ¥300 for adults, ¥200 for 6-20 years old

Access: 1 minute walk from Enzan Station of JR Chuo Line

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    You photos is lovely!

    I wish all the good for this year to You and yours.

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